September 27, 2010

Lammas 2010

Posted in Alters, Lammas, Networking Things, Pagan Groups, Wiccan Things, Witchy Things tagged at 10:20 am by Babs

Glinda the good witch opened her home and yard to all of the local area pagans to celebrate Lammas.  This harvest celebration was a wonderful circle event.  Glinda went above and beyond to make the ritual, the offerings, the atmostphere just perfect for the event.  Most participants camp out in the yard and make it an overnight… complete with singing, drumming and of course a camp fire! 


This celebration also marks the death of the Sun God (bringing on autumn and winter) and the celebration of the Feminine Divine… so I noticed that many of the female participants had painted toes… so we gathered around the penticle and “put our right foot in” with smiles all around. 

Each participant in the circle was to bring a fruit that began with the letter of their first name.  All of these were offered during circle to Lugh who was to die this sabbat… and from the offerings we made a fruit salad for all to share.  It was a perfect way to celebrate all that we harvested in love and light this year.

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