June 13, 2011

Pride is Pride

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This past weekend I enjoyed Boston’s Gay Pride event held right on Boston’s City Hall Plaza.  Vendors, musicians and the LBGT friends and family all came together to celebrated peace, love and equality.  There were groups from many hotels, banks, healthcare organizations and religious groups… what was missing?  Gay Pagans!  Well, paganism is so inclusive to begin with so I am not worried but it still gave me a moment to think about what could be done.  Stay tuned!

Here is the Gay Pride flag that is over Boston’s City Hall Plaza for the entire week of Pride events.  Every year when I see it go up I smile and think we are achieving so many goals!!

September 29, 2010

Pagan Pride 2010

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Of all days to forget my camera… but of course, friends had decided to fill the role of paparazzi this year leaving me to shop!  The Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride event was held in the new location of Palmer State Forest.  What a huge location to welcome the growing gathering of friends, teachers, organizers, vendors, artists, musicians and pagans of all paths.  What a beautiful day to mingle with a other fellow pagans! 

What is wonderful about the Pagan Pride gatherings is the amount of knowledge and community spirit in one place.  The above dolls were all purchased or won in raffles at present and past Pagan Prides.  They are really well made and each have a memory of happy times.  I am hoping to get a copy of the pattern for the knitted Venus of Willendorf above (striped doll) so gift giving will be extra special this year for Yule! 

Workshops are ongoing during the day and this year I attended a basic herbal with a wonderful witch who really knew her stuff.  It was fun to learn of recipes for simple things like Poison Ivy.  Did you know that Jewelweed grows right next to Poison Ivy and its properties are to alleviate the poison in ivy oil?  Seems nature has a built in ESC button!

The day ends with a Mabon celebration and open circle and spiral dance.  The energy raised was wonderful and electrifying.  The cost of admission is canned goods for a local food shelter.  We have delightedly raised tons of food in years past and hope to top the record every year.

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