September 11, 2014

God’s Eyes = Litha Fun!

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Recently I wrote my first ritual for my 2nd year class as an exercise.  I chose the next Sabbat and was thankful it was Litha, a favorite of mine.  After much anxiety over taking on such a responsibility, it was funny how easy it was… to sit down, center, listen to the breeze moving the wind chimes and just focus inward.  After a bit of cyber research and review of my many magickal books I had my theme and the rest just fell together on its own.  After submission to my High Priest and High Priestess for review I was surprised and pleased to learn that my exercise for class would be used in the next ritual!

My circle has experienced much upheaval over the winter and I wanted to add some activity to get people working together.  It was the first step in rebuilding the lines of communication and trust.  While it is important to learn and grow from the troubling times… it is just as important to focus on those who remain.  Forgive the hurt and put the rest in the past.  Harm None!

So to facilitate the healing effort I went looking for a craft project fitting for the time of year that people might be interested in.  I found a craft on-line that I used to make as a child… God’s Eyes!  It was perfect!  While it is commonly associated as a Christian project it was originally a solar symbol which fit in perfectly with the Litha Sabbat.  Also, the symbolism of it being an “eye” was not lost on me as I hoped to bring a theme of focus to the group.  What do you want to manifest in your life? What seeds do we sow now in order to make the most of the harvest later in the summer?

Surprisingly, we had several people who wanted to partake.  While making them up, there was great conversation, lots of laughs, and new friendships made.  Now this was the community that I wanted to be a part of and serve the Goddess with!

A sample of our God’s Eyes!

What was best, it proved a good use to all the yarn remnants I had in the house… and using sticks from my butterfly bush… it was entirely free!

August 4, 2008

Happy Lammas!

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Lammas, also called Lughnasadh, falls at the beginning of the harvest season. Apples are ready and grain is beginning to ripen. It’s also a day for honoring Lugh, the Celtic craftsman god.

In nearly every ancient culture, Lammas was a time of celebration of the agricultural significance of the season. Because of this, it was also a time when many gods and goddesses were honored. Meet some of the many deities who are connected with the early harvest season.

Try this: Pentacle Grapevine Wreath

This is a craft which is simple to make and packs a dramatic punch just right for your holiday.  I purchased a grapevine wreath at a craft store for a few dollars.  I also picked up some foam red apples, raffia, ribbon and silk sunflowers.  I tried to choose colors that complemented eachother as well as fit the harvest season. 

Decide where the top of the wreath should be and map out a star by choosing your anchor points on the vine wreath.  Now, cut a piece of your ribbon that will be long enough to create a star.  I simply laid out the ribbon on top of the wreath and loosely figured what I would need.  Take the raffia and double up on the strand and wrap this around the wreath.  Take the ribbon and create the star.  More raffia and ribbon for a bow.  slide in the silk flowers right into the wreath.  The apples will either already have some wire in them to assist in placing them into the wreath.  If not, take 4-5  inch lengths of wire and pierce the apples.  Then use some glue to keep the apples secure.  Then place the apples around the wreath in a patter pleasing to you.  Finish by fixing the bow into place and enjoy! 

Happy Lammas!!

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