May 15, 2008

Call of the Goddess Calendar – 2008

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Call of the Goddess 2008 Calendar

Another great calendar I use at work is the Goddess Calendar of 2008.  I purchased one last year and the art work depicted just took my breath away.  So much so that I decided to give away this year’s version to my pagan girlfriends.  They have given great feedback as they turn the page each month. Right now I am looking at Aine of Knockaine and it reads:




 “Loved in the Isles well before 500 C.E., I’m the sun spark flowing within your veins, the life force itself.  My names are many: Aine of the Wisps, the delightful; Grey Hound, the agile; Weetheart of the Sidha, the pleasurable; Faery Queen of Munster, the melodic; Womb of Life, protector and healer of animals, crops and fertility; Seed of the Sun, the radiant.  Faeries enjoy a little mischief, beware!  I play a high stakes game and bestow upon supplicants either divine poetic inspiration or descent into insanity.  Apporach me reverently or you’ll soon join my mad hounds, baying at the moon!

April 23, 2008

The Goddess Garden

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Here is a poem that I was particularly inspired to write… when things aren’t going well I turn to nature…

As the morning sun warms, I arise.

With the fresh spring rains, I am nourished.

On the noon time breeze, I go forth.

With the rich summer earth, I grow.

gardenUpon the evening’s stillness, I give thanks.

With the waning light of fall, I am harvested.

Under the night’s canopy of starts, I sleep.

With my snowly winter blanket, I rejuvenate.

Blessed Be!

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