September 11, 2014

God’s Eyes = Litha Fun!

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Recently I wrote my first ritual for my 2nd year class as an exercise.  I chose the next Sabbat and was thankful it was Litha, a favorite of mine.  After much anxiety over taking on such a responsibility, it was funny how easy it was… to sit down, center, listen to the breeze moving the wind chimes and just focus inward.  After a bit of cyber research and review of my many magickal books I had my theme and the rest just fell together on its own.  After submission to my High Priest and High Priestess for review I was surprised and pleased to learn that my exercise for class would be used in the next ritual!

My circle has experienced much upheaval over the winter and I wanted to add some activity to get people working together.  It was the first step in rebuilding the lines of communication and trust.  While it is important to learn and grow from the troubling times… it is just as important to focus on those who remain.  Forgive the hurt and put the rest in the past.  Harm None!

So to facilitate the healing effort I went looking for a craft project fitting for the time of year that people might be interested in.  I found a craft on-line that I used to make as a child… God’s Eyes!  It was perfect!  While it is commonly associated as a Christian project it was originally a solar symbol which fit in perfectly with the Litha Sabbat.  Also, the symbolism of it being an “eye” was not lost on me as I hoped to bring a theme of focus to the group.  What do you want to manifest in your life? What seeds do we sow now in order to make the most of the harvest later in the summer?

Surprisingly, we had several people who wanted to partake.  While making them up, there was great conversation, lots of laughs, and new friendships made.  Now this was the community that I wanted to be a part of and serve the Goddess with!

A sample of our God’s Eyes!

What was best, it proved a good use to all the yarn remnants I had in the house… and using sticks from my butterfly bush… it was entirely free!

February 12, 2011

Goddess Danu

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How I came upon this goddess is about as unique as she is.  She came to me in a dream, not her human form but with the presence of a fish and flowing water.  A bit of modern plumbing was involved but the dream stayed with me quite clearly for days.  After searching for water goddesses… I focused on Danu and my interest never wavered.  Since my family origins are from the Danube River region it was a given that I would do a little research.   

Pronounced DA-noo this goddess has widespread history.  She is an Indo-European Goddess and an ancient one at that.  It is believed that the celts originated in the Danube River Valley region and migrated throughout Europe.  Her followers are referred to as the “Tuatha of Danaan” or the Tribes of Goddess Danu.   

Her arrival in Ireland is where her history becomes well documented.  Her children must fight against darkness and disorder as they are the children of light and order.  Due to her origins in the Danube River region she is closely associated with moving water.  In Ireland this took on the meaning of waters of heaven. 

Another ancient Vedic creation myth from Indian tradition states that all creation came from the primordial waters (Danu) giving rise to her popularity as a mother goddess and water goddess.  In Bali she is still worshipped and praised so the water will be in plentiful supply.


  • Powers: Known for bestowing luck, good wishes and finding treasure.
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Silver and Black.
  • Stones: Any river stone.
  • Chakra: 2nd/ Womb
  • Animals: Snake and Fish
  • Symbol: Black cauldron filled with water.
  • Ritual Energies: Matriarchal Strength, Transformation, Manifestation, Compassion, Spiritual Guidance.

May 1, 2008

Office Zen – Part 1

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Office Crystals

To say that work is stressful for me is an understatement!  Instead of the phrase “I see dead people.”  I would have to say, “I see crazy people!”  Of course they don’t know they are crazy but I guess that comes from being middle management!!

In an effort to combat some of the chaotic energy I use several tools to may my space a bit more peaceful and somewhat Zen.  Crystals and stones allow you to focus the energy into a more harmonious state.  As you can see from the picture… I have 4 stones but the first on the left I have not identified.  The other three, left to right, are Rose Quartz, Selenite, Smoky Quartz.

Rose Quartz – While it is often called the stone of love, Rose Quartz encompasses love of self, life partners, children, family, friends, community, Earth, Universe and the Divine.  Wow!  It assists the heart to heal from wounds.  Its soothing vibrations are a balm to the emotions helps to release tension, stress, anger and resentment. 

Selenite – This stone works wonders in balancing energies and providing a boost of vitality to individuals who are stressed or fatigued.

Smoky Quartz – A grounding and clearing stone, smoky quartz works effectively in transmutting negative energies.  This stone also assists in manifesting one’s dreams and inspirations.

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