May 2, 2008

Office Zen – Part 2

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Bosai and Benny
Sometimes is is comforting to know that you and a friend might be “in this together”.  Often, at work, I feel it is me against the world and to make it more of a team effort… I got a fish!  I know it sounds weird but it actually helps people when the come to see me start off a conversation.  It also makes my desk a bit nicer to be around and that goes for me as well as others. 

Benny, my fish, and I are a team… and it is funny to see him react to the very same people I react to.  He will start to display his fighting fish fins when a certain “tor”mentor comes around.  He hides from others and with a few people he will swim around and try and catch their eye.  Both he and I seem to be a good judges of character! 

May 1, 2008

Happy Beltane!

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Being the first of May it is May Day!  Wiccans and Wiccan inspired neopagans celebrate this day as a  sabbat, one of the solar holidays.  Although the holiday may use features of the Gaelic Bealtaine, such as a bonfire, it bears more relation to the Germanic May Day festival, both in its significance (fertility) and its rituals such as maypole dancing.  Some Wiccans celebrate “High Beltaine” be enacting a ritual union of the May Lord and Lade. 

Among the Wiccan sabbats, Beltane is a cross-quarter day; it is celebrated in the northern hemisphere on May 1st and in the souther hemisphere on November 1st.  Beltane follows Ostara and precedes Midsummer (see the Wheel of the Year).

Blessed Be!

April 23, 2008

The Goddess Garden

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Here is a poem that I was particularly inspired to write… when things aren’t going well I turn to nature…

As the morning sun warms, I arise.

With the fresh spring rains, I am nourished.

On the noon time breeze, I go forth.

With the rich summer earth, I grow.

gardenUpon the evening’s stillness, I give thanks.

With the waning light of fall, I am harvested.

Under the night’s canopy of starts, I sleep.

With my snowly winter blanket, I rejuvenate.

Blessed Be!

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