February 17, 2013

Modern Medicine Bags!

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After a stessful visit at the veterinarian’s office, I decided to take my co-pilot to my favorite metaphysical store.  He was very shaken by his visit since everything is so new to him and he had to get a shot (horror!).  Well, I happened to be close to the store and wanted to get a two for one trip type deal.  So, off I went to do a bit of shopping!  I parked right out front so he could watch me through the windows.  Being a cute sort of dog he had a bevy of female fans chattering on about him in the store as he watched us.  It was sort of comical.

Well, I am a firm believer that you find what you need when you need it… you just have to realize it.  After a round of browsing I found these little medicine bags made out of soft leather with a crystal sewn to the outside.  Inside they had different stones which each had certain properties and when combined gave an overall assistance to  the holder.  For example, the one I found had a collar clip as it was meant for pets and the options were “calm & grounded”, “happy & healthy” and “protection”.  For more examples or to shop online visit their site: www.crystalmedicinebags.com.

I chose the “calm & grounded” for my pup.  The contents included moonstone – which calms and nurtures, tiger’s eye – which grounds excess energy and soothes both physically and mentally.  The bag also had a dog bone charm on the outside and a crystal sliver sewn to the outside.

I clipped this onto my pup’s collar and he slept the entire ride home… which has never happened!  I don’t have him wear it all the time but I do make sure I put it on for times of stress… such as the vet visits, car rides and other social engagements.

Great idea and another great find at my favorite store!

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