August 12, 2012

Kuan Yin (Quan Yin) – Meditations (Part 2)

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Kuan Yin Meditation #1:

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes.  Allow your breathing to deepen and your mind and body to relax.  Imagine that tit is nighttime and that you are on tope of a hill looking out over the ocean.  The full moon has just risen and the moonlight shimmers on the water.  You gaze at the moon for a long time; the moonlight is powerful but soft, and looking at it makes you feel calm and happy.

The moon now begins to get brighter and brighter, so bright you can barely look at it.  Gradually, it becomes Kuan Yin herself, her whole body surrounded by a glowing aureole.  She stands on a lotus that floats on the waves.  At the sight of you she smiles a beautify smile, and tears of happiness shine in her yes.  Imagine her radiance filling you, her strength, her peace and her compassion becoming a part of you.  If you repeat her name, your mind will be calm, and she will stay with you.

Finally, it is time fo her to leave, and she becomes smaller and smaller.  At last the sea and sky vanish too, and you rest in contemplation of the beautiful, empty space that is left.  Let yourself become space.  When you are ready, come back into your body and slowly stretch.  Open your eyes and look at the world about you.

Kuan Yin Meditation #2:

You are sitting on a lotus in the sea.  Everything around you is dark and the waves are gently lapping around you.  There is barely any light – just a little from the stars in the sky which is also clear and black.  The air around you is warm and there is a gentle breeze.  The salty scent of the sea fills your nostrils.  Feel the soft petals of the lotus flower supporting you as you travel your journey across the sea.

After a time the mon begins to rise on the horizon, slowly but steadily.  It is a full moon and she shines her light a cross the sea like a pathway towards her.  You are floating and the moon is now full and hanging on the horizon, still with the soft, warm breeze.  Then from the moon you see a small figure floating toward you, almost imperceptible at first then growing.  The figure appears to be walking on water, slowly becoming closer and closer, until you recognize Her as the Goddess Kuan Yin.  She is clothed in a shimmering, silvery gossamer robe as she becomes closer and closer you feel the silky robe waft against your feet as the breeze blows it toward you.

You can look at the Goddess Kuan Yin.  Drink her in and feel her compassionate and loving energy envelope you.  Close your eyes and feel the gentle rocking of the sea.  Look into Her eyes, right into the depths of Her, and ask her for what you need and for a message to help you along on your journey.  She will hold her hand out to you and gently touch your shoulder or hand or perhaps the crown of your head.  wherever she touches, feel the energy pulse through you.  Absorb it into your very being.  Feel its texture – is it warm, hot, cool, tingling?  This is the manifestation of the entry of perfect love and perfect trust.

You can ask the Goddess Kuan Yin for guidance, or purifications, or healing.  Whatever you feel you need can be lovingly given by Her.  Just ask and you shall receive.

When your audience with the Goddess Kuan Yin is completed, She will retreat back to the Full Moon, still shining on the horizon and now beginning to slowly move up into the sky.  Watch Her as she returns to Her home in the heavens.  Watch the moon as she climbs ever higher in the sky, giving light to the darkness of night and guiding you along to the next day.

You are still floating on your lotus on the black sea, the warm breeze is still swirling gently around you.  You are comforted and comfortable.  Now is the time for sweet sleep and you feel yourself drifting off, safe in the arms of the Goddess.

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