February 15, 2011

Pagan Jewelry

Posted in Jewelry, Witchy Things tagged , , , at 4:26 am by Babs

Since not all of us are out and proud there still is a fear about projecting too much of your belief system into your daily life.  For me, it is a personal matter for displaying jewelry of a religious nature in the work place.  I deal with clients who may be more conservative or just not that understanding.  With the idea of paganism often lumped into cults and worse I do not feel that it is my job in the workplace to straighten everyone out. 

In times of stress as well as times of celebration I often feel drawn to wearing a small goddess charm or other personal symbol of my faith.  Sometimes it is nice to have a piece that is hidden in plain sight.  This is the reason I purchased this locket.  On the outside there is the Celtic Knotwork that I am so fond of.  Open it up and a beautiful pentacle is revealed.  The pentacle is a beautiful symbol of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  One for each star point.  The interwoven detail of the pentacle along with the circle in which it resides speaks of all nature as interrelated, united.  An additional advantage to this locket is that there is enough room to stick a bit of herb or small stone within as a sort of talisman.

Whatever path you take, whatever god or goddess is your light, it is important to remember that this country was founded on religious freedom for all, pagans included.  Blessed Be.

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