May 12, 2010

Beltaine 2010 – Welcome Summer!

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This year the turning of the wheel found me at a wonderful circle amongst great friends.  The ritual was so well done that every person was involved.  We didn’t have a May Pole from which to hang ribbons and perform the dance which is very common in ritual observances during this sabbat.  However, we strung several garlands of ivy together with flowers and ribbons entwined and then strung the garland on a flowering dogwood.  Just spectacular.  Lots of drumming and singing and noise making really made it fun and thankfully the weather was perfect!! 
Traditionally this is the time of year to celebrate the fertile mother earth.  The Goddess and the God consummate their marriage which fertilizes the fields.  In circle this can be symbolized by dipping the athame into the chalice which represent the joining of the male and female respectively. 
Our intentions in circle were for healing and health for the coming year.  If written, they were released in the Beltaine fire.  May the blessings of the season find you hail and hearty! 

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