February 2, 2009

Blessed Imbolc!

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Pronounced “Im-bulk” and also known as Candlemas, Imbolg, Imbolgc brigantia, Lupercus, Disting this pagan/wiccan holiday is typically celebrated February 1st or 2nd.

 The earliest whisperings of Springtide are heard now as the Goddess nurtures Her Young Son. As a time of the year associated with beginning growth, Imbolc is an initiatory period for many. Here we plant the “seeds” of our hopes and dreams for the coming summer months.

Imbolc or Oimelc, two names which refer to the lactation of the ewes, the flow of mix that heralds the return of the life-giving forces of spring.  Later the Catholic church replaced this festival with Candlemas Day on February 2nd, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and features candlelight processions.  The powerful figure of Brigid the light-bringer overlights both pagan and christian celebrations.

This is traditionally a time of purification – so clean your house!!  If you have any Yule greenery lingering, burn it now.

Make your own Brighid’s Crosses and hang them up, especially in the kitchen where her influence can bless your food.

Put out food such as cake, buttered bread and milk outside your door: Brighid and her cow walk through the neighborhood tonight and will appreciate your offering.

Leave a silk ribbon on your doorstep for Brighid to bless; it can then be used for healing purposes.

Meditate upon what you would like to see grow in health and strength this year; for yourself, your family, your community, the Earth, and ask for Bride’s blessing upon your prayers.

Happy Imbolc! Blessed Be!

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