August 27, 2008

Oracle Cards

Posted in Tools, Witchy Things tagged , at 2:07 am by Babs

Ask Your Guides Card DeckI often find that I am looking for something to help me work through a situation.  I have many decks of cards from Tarot to Oracle that I use for different situations.  Sometimes a deck will go a bit stale for me so I pick up another and sort of rotate them.  Recently, when doing a tour of my favorite stores… I found this deck and thought I would give it a try.  Ask Your Guides is an oracle deck by Sonia Choquette.  Her work has been inspiring in the past and I do often thank my guides, angels, or spirits when I have a good bit of luck so it seemed a good choice for me.  My first reading was quite revealing.  You can either pull one card for the day or do a 3 card layout for more detail surrounding an issue or situation.  I chose the three card layout and card one was for Attitude/ Approach to the Issue.  Card two represented the Energy/ Vibration Shift to assist in resolving the issue.  Card three signified the Overlooked Resolution.  My reading was not only spot on… it made a lot of sense.  Funny, I didn’t even have an issue but as I read the cards the relating situation cemented in my thoughts. 

Click on the image to go directly to Sonia’s website.  I highly recommend this deck!

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