August 4, 2008

Happy Lammas!

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Lammas, also called Lughnasadh, falls at the beginning of the harvest season. Apples are ready and grain is beginning to ripen. It’s also a day for honoring Lugh, the Celtic craftsman god.

In nearly every ancient culture, Lammas was a time of celebration of the agricultural significance of the season. Because of this, it was also a time when many gods and goddesses were honored. Meet some of the many deities who are connected with the early harvest season.

Try this: Pentacle Grapevine Wreath

This is a craft which is simple to make and packs a dramatic punch just right for your holiday.  I purchased a grapevine wreath at a craft store for a few dollars.  I also picked up some foam red apples, raffia, ribbon and silk sunflowers.  I tried to choose colors that complemented eachother as well as fit the harvest season. 

Decide where the top of the wreath should be and map out a star by choosing your anchor points on the vine wreath.  Now, cut a piece of your ribbon that will be long enough to create a star.  I simply laid out the ribbon on top of the wreath and loosely figured what I would need.  Take the raffia and double up on the strand and wrap this around the wreath.  Take the ribbon and create the star.  More raffia and ribbon for a bow.  slide in the silk flowers right into the wreath.  The apples will either already have some wire in them to assist in placing them into the wreath.  If not, take 4-5  inch lengths of wire and pierce the apples.  Then use some glue to keep the apples secure.  Then place the apples around the wreath in a patter pleasing to you.  Finish by fixing the bow into place and enjoy! 

Happy Lammas!!

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