June 28, 2008

Personal Altars

Posted in Alters, Nature Things, Witchy Things tagged , , at 5:45 am by Babs

Creating your own personal sanctuary is very important in this crazy fast paced world.  Some people want a little altar in every room to remind them to connect with their beliefs.  I have one spot inside the house that I treat as a sacred and another outside.  While being outside is preferable, it is not always wise – especially with neighbors who might not understand your need to chant or meditate or walk in circles addressing the four quarters!  Whatever one decides to do, it is a personal decision.  Each individual’s chosen space reflects who they are and what they believe. 

My inside altar takes this to the max.  I purchased an unfinished wood table and using a wood burning tool I made the table into my altar.  With or without an altar cloth, I know this is a sacred tool to help me center myself. 

The outside altar would not draw any attention to one not looking for it.  That is by design!  It was a former tree that was taken down due to disease.  Losing a tree as old as this one is always tragic and to honor the former beauty, I simply place a stone, a flower, a few drops of water on what remains.  The roots still run deep and that helps remind me that even when something ends there is still connection to the earth!
Blessed Be!!

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