May 21, 2008

Sea Salt and Crystal Cleansing

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Crystal Ball in Sea Salt

I bought a beautiful crystal ball from the Celtic Cricket (or Chuck if you know him) and it was love at first sight.  To cleanse this crystal ball I used sea salt and water and left it out under the full moon.  After the cleansing I still could not see or feel anything from the ball. 

In discussing this with a good friend Debi, aka Velvet Skyes, she held the ball and told me that there was a lot of Chuck’s energy still present.  Since he has a tremendous amount of powerful energy she told me to put the crystal in a bowl of sea salt for an entire moon cycle.  After this two week period, full moon to full moon, I picked up the crystal ball and the energy had completely changed.  It is now stored in mugwart which will enhance the vibrations of the crystal. 

My next step will be to meditate with the crystal and share my energy with it.  Only then will I be able to utilize it to it’s fullest potential.  I hope to have great visions while scrying with this crystal! 

Brightest Blessings!

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