May 19, 2008

Serenity Garden – Plant Selection

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Amethyst Myst Coral Bells

In realizing my need to reconnect with nature, I cleared a formerly untamed portion of my yard and planted a shade garden.  To help me with this process… I called on Dutch Gardens to give me ideas on what to plant and where.  What is fun is picking out the different foliage and mixing them in a random garden… and also picking out the Japanese bridge and Arbor for the different entry ways to the garden. 

Since I am only using perennials, I will only be able to afford adding to this garden a little each year.  So, for now I will be dividing some of the hostas and placing them around the space as well as thinning out some of the day lillies in the yard and adding them in spots as well.

What is really nice, the spell I posted was completed during the Waxing Moon cycle and the plants were all placed in their new spots on the day of the full moon!  It just seems like the universe is working on my side for a change! Once this is done, I plan on dedicating this garden to my personal goddesses.  Also, I plan on adding a bench to allow for a space for meditation. 

To make your own serenity garden… check out Dutch Gardens at


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