May 16, 2008

A Garden Space Blessing Spell

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Seven of PentaclesYou will need the following materials:

7 of Pentacles Card

Cup of Water

Stand in the center of your garden space while holding the Seven of Pentacles in both hands.  Visualize the garden as planted, growing, thriving, and the fruits of your labor coming to fruition.  Then enchange the space by saying:

            By elements of earth below

         and sun above and water flow

  and wind that dances through the trees 

                         card of harvest, plant your seeds

                       I place this space now in your care

                      to tend all that I shall plant here

                   and make all flourish fruitfully

                  as I will so mote it be.

When you finish your visualization and spell, bury the card where you stand and pour the cup of water on top.  Remember to set your intention out the the universe.

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