May 15, 2008

Call of the Goddess Calendar – 2008

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Call of the Goddess 2008 Calendar

Another great calendar I use at work is the Goddess Calendar of 2008.  I purchased one last year and the art work depicted just took my breath away.  So much so that I decided to give away this year’s version to my pagan girlfriends.  They have given great feedback as they turn the page each month. Right now I am looking at Aine of Knockaine and it reads:




 “Loved in the Isles well before 500 C.E., I’m the sun spark flowing within your veins, the life force itself.  My names are many: Aine of the Wisps, the delightful; Grey Hound, the agile; Weetheart of the Sidha, the pleasurable; Faery Queen of Munster, the melodic; Womb of Life, protector and healer of animals, crops and fertility; Seed of the Sun, the radiant.  Faeries enjoy a little mischief, beware!  I play a high stakes game and bestow upon supplicants either divine poetic inspiration or descent into insanity.  Apporach me reverently or you’ll soon join my mad hounds, baying at the moon!

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