May 2, 2008

Office Zen – Part 2

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:55 pm by Babs

Bosai and Benny
Sometimes is is comforting to know that you and a friend might be “in this together”.  Often, at work, I feel it is me against the world and to make it more of a team effort… I got a fish!  I know it sounds weird but it actually helps people when the come to see me start off a conversation.  It also makes my desk a bit nicer to be around and that goes for me as well as others. 

Benny, my fish, and I are a team… and it is funny to see him react to the very same people I react to.  He will start to display his fighting fish fins when a certain “tor”mentor comes around.  He hides from others and with a few people he will swim around and try and catch their eye.  Both he and I seem to be a good judges of character! 

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