May 24, 2008

Robin’s Egg Blue

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My friend Jess took the greatest picture… of the first hatchling surrounded by eggs still waiting for their turn.  I just had to share – it was a great moment, captured.  Spring at its finest! 

May 21, 2008

Sea Salt and Crystal Cleansing

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Crystal Ball in Sea Salt

I bought a beautiful crystal ball from the Celtic Cricket (or Chuck if you know him) and it was love at first sight.  To cleanse this crystal ball I used sea salt and water and left it out under the full moon.  After the cleansing I still could not see or feel anything from the ball. 

In discussing this with a good friend Debi, aka Velvet Skyes, she held the ball and told me that there was a lot of Chuck’s energy still present.  Since he has a tremendous amount of powerful energy she told me to put the crystal in a bowl of sea salt for an entire moon cycle.  After this two week period, full moon to full moon, I picked up the crystal ball and the energy had completely changed.  It is now stored in mugwart which will enhance the vibrations of the crystal. 

My next step will be to meditate with the crystal and share my energy with it.  Only then will I be able to utilize it to it’s fullest potential.  I hope to have great visions while scrying with this crystal! 

Brightest Blessings!

May 19, 2008

Serenity Garden – Plant Selection

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Amethyst Myst Coral Bells

In realizing my need to reconnect with nature, I cleared a formerly untamed portion of my yard and planted a shade garden.  To help me with this process… I called on Dutch Gardens to give me ideas on what to plant and where.  What is fun is picking out the different foliage and mixing them in a random garden… and also picking out the Japanese bridge and Arbor for the different entry ways to the garden. 

Since I am only using perennials, I will only be able to afford adding to this garden a little each year.  So, for now I will be dividing some of the hostas and placing them around the space as well as thinning out some of the day lillies in the yard and adding them in spots as well.

What is really nice, the spell I posted was completed during the Waxing Moon cycle and the plants were all placed in their new spots on the day of the full moon!  It just seems like the universe is working on my side for a change! Once this is done, I plan on dedicating this garden to my personal goddesses.  Also, I plan on adding a bench to allow for a space for meditation. 

To make your own serenity garden… check out Dutch Gardens at


May 16, 2008

A Garden Space Blessing Spell

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Seven of PentaclesYou will need the following materials:

7 of Pentacles Card

Cup of Water

Stand in the center of your garden space while holding the Seven of Pentacles in both hands.  Visualize the garden as planted, growing, thriving, and the fruits of your labor coming to fruition.  Then enchange the space by saying:

            By elements of earth below

         and sun above and water flow

  and wind that dances through the trees 

                         card of harvest, plant your seeds

                       I place this space now in your care

                      to tend all that I shall plant here

                   and make all flourish fruitfully

                  as I will so mote it be.

When you finish your visualization and spell, bury the card where you stand and pour the cup of water on top.  Remember to set your intention out the the universe.

May 15, 2008

Favorite Pagan Shops!

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Pagan ShoppingGood shops are few and far between.  I have travelled over an hour to investigate stores only to be disappointed with what I found.  However, there are a few gems that everyone should know about.  I don’t know about you but a great pagan shop is like an oasis in a hectic world.  I routinely set aside time to browse and enjoy the atmosphere and have been known to go missing for hours in one of my favorite shops!

Here is my list of shops along with their websites… If you have others, please share!

Women of Wisdom – North Easton, MA –

Velvet Skyes – Online only –

The Silver Willow – Rehoboth, MA

Open Doors – Braintree, MA –

Call of the Goddess Calendar – 2008

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Call of the Goddess 2008 Calendar

Another great calendar I use at work is the Goddess Calendar of 2008.  I purchased one last year and the art work depicted just took my breath away.  So much so that I decided to give away this year’s version to my pagan girlfriends.  They have given great feedback as they turn the page each month. Right now I am looking at Aine of Knockaine and it reads:




 “Loved in the Isles well before 500 C.E., I’m the sun spark flowing within your veins, the life force itself.  My names are many: Aine of the Wisps, the delightful; Grey Hound, the agile; Weetheart of the Sidha, the pleasurable; Faery Queen of Munster, the melodic; Womb of Life, protector and healer of animals, crops and fertility; Seed of the Sun, the radiant.  Faeries enjoy a little mischief, beware!  I play a high stakes game and bestow upon supplicants either divine poetic inspiration or descent into insanity.  Apporach me reverently or you’ll soon join my mad hounds, baying at the moon!

May 13, 2008

Gaia Rhythms for Women – We’Moon!

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Layflat Edition

If you ever wanted to have a calendar that is designed for women, by women this is it.  We’moon is published by Mother Tongue Ink and contains moon cycles, holidays for all religions, art, poetry and prose that inspires and provokes thought every day.  This handy calendar helps you reconnect to the earth rhythms.  Check it out and support a great cause!

Every year has a different theme.  This year is Mending the Web.

May 2, 2008

Office Zen – Part 2

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Bosai and Benny
Sometimes is is comforting to know that you and a friend might be “in this together”.  Often, at work, I feel it is me against the world and to make it more of a team effort… I got a fish!  I know it sounds weird but it actually helps people when the come to see me start off a conversation.  It also makes my desk a bit nicer to be around and that goes for me as well as others. 

Benny, my fish, and I are a team… and it is funny to see him react to the very same people I react to.  He will start to display his fighting fish fins when a certain “tor”mentor comes around.  He hides from others and with a few people he will swim around and try and catch their eye.  Both he and I seem to be a good judges of character! 

May 1, 2008

Happy Beltane!

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Being the first of May it is May Day!  Wiccans and Wiccan inspired neopagans celebrate this day as a  sabbat, one of the solar holidays.  Although the holiday may use features of the Gaelic Bealtaine, such as a bonfire, it bears more relation to the Germanic May Day festival, both in its significance (fertility) and its rituals such as maypole dancing.  Some Wiccans celebrate “High Beltaine” be enacting a ritual union of the May Lord and Lade. 

Among the Wiccan sabbats, Beltane is a cross-quarter day; it is celebrated in the northern hemisphere on May 1st and in the souther hemisphere on November 1st.  Beltane follows Ostara and precedes Midsummer (see the Wheel of the Year).

Blessed Be!

Office Zen – Part 1

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Office Crystals

To say that work is stressful for me is an understatement!  Instead of the phrase “I see dead people.”  I would have to say, “I see crazy people!”  Of course they don’t know they are crazy but I guess that comes from being middle management!!

In an effort to combat some of the chaotic energy I use several tools to may my space a bit more peaceful and somewhat Zen.  Crystals and stones allow you to focus the energy into a more harmonious state.  As you can see from the picture… I have 4 stones but the first on the left I have not identified.  The other three, left to right, are Rose Quartz, Selenite, Smoky Quartz.

Rose Quartz – While it is often called the stone of love, Rose Quartz encompasses love of self, life partners, children, family, friends, community, Earth, Universe and the Divine.  Wow!  It assists the heart to heal from wounds.  Its soothing vibrations are a balm to the emotions helps to release tension, stress, anger and resentment. 

Selenite – This stone works wonders in balancing energies and providing a boost of vitality to individuals who are stressed or fatigued.

Smoky Quartz – A grounding and clearing stone, smoky quartz works effectively in transmutting negative energies.  This stone also assists in manifesting one’s dreams and inspirations.

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