April 11, 2008

Spring cleaning…

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Well, I am about to roll up my sleeves and see about straighteniKuan Yin riding the dragonng out this broom closet of mine!  What do I mean by broom closet?  Well, I am a witch and this is my way of saying I am taking a step on the wild side.   It is not easy for someone to say they are a follower of a religion that is off the beaten path.  Let’s face it… most of this country is Judeo-Christian based.  I am not saying that I am against them at all.  I just prefer to throw in a few female dieties to balance all the male hormones energy running around!  Why limit yourself to just one god when there are thousands to choose from.  Each god or goddess is endowed with aspects or qualities that you might want to invite into your daily life.  If you need a little compassion or you feel you need to start learning how to be compassionate… study and meditate with Kuan Yin. 

To learn more about a God/dess visit: www.godchecker.com

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